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Metropolys RP est un serveur Roleplay sur IV: MP sous GTA IV. Selon le mode de jeu de chacun, vous pourrez rejoindre un métier, participer à un gang, et ainsi faire preuve d'honnêteté ou d'immoralité dans votre parcours.

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Les règles du serveur : Rules

GENERIC  RULES  for  ALL players:

Rule 1. No cheating, hacking, bug abusing or advertising other servers.

Rule 2. Respect Admins and their roles in the server.

As the main objective of these jobs is making personal fortune and control of the city by illegal trafficking of weapons and prohibited substances, the behavior of these players will not be governed by basic rules of good conduct and behaviour, the use of correct language,  and the use of weapons and violence in general even without provocation.

Killing players, destroying public or private properties and using bad language on other players without provocation will not be punishable by admins, therefore this is only concerning to Police Department: Cops, Swats, ...

Rules for NO Violents Jobs as medics, mechanics, receptionist, ... (any legal job):

Although these are no violent jobs, they are authorized to use weapons to defend themselves against any member of the LC Drug Cartel. This authorization doesn't allow them to start fights with any other player.

Rules for Police Department (Police & Swat):


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